What is ETHb and how does it work?

ETHb is like the faster and cheaper to transfer, Ethereum on the Binance Smart Chain created with the JustLiquidity Bridge.

You can swap your Ethereum from the Ethereum Blockchain on our Bridge

Link: http://ethbridge.justliquidity.org/

Just with two simple clicks into Ethereum B (ETHb) on the Binance Smart Chain and you can always Exchange it back into ETH on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How does the Process work?

If you deposit 1 ETH into the ETHb Bridge, then your 1 ETH will be locked in the Bridge Smart Contract and 1 ETHb will be minted and sent to your sender Wallet from which you sent the 1 ETH.

If you like to get your ETH back, then use the Bridge again and send 1 ETHb to the Bridge, at this moment the 1 ETHb will be burned and 1 ETH will be unlocked and sent to your sender wallet from which you sent the 1 ETHb.

Where to trade ETHb?

We have different pairs on JulSwap with ETHb also we provide soon the option to Stake JULb / ETHb and ETHb / BNB SLP Tokens to earn JulD as additional rewards.


ETHb / BUSD https://info.julswap.com/pair/0x575d37b023db0519dd25d37fbe88f7430cef64c6

ETHb / BNB https://info.julswap.com/pair/0xb5050f69c5a81e6835ddb9bceab2edf450c7a81b

ETHb / JULb https://info.julswap.com/pair/0xbc660953d2c10b5740a92b5b4b02222b03433135



Soon we will provide you with an additional option on how to get ETHb.