The Protector NFT 400% Staking Pool

2 min readJul 4, 2021


Start staking JulD and earn up to 400%, guaranteed per Year in JulD (APR). To access the staking pool you need to hold “The Protector” NFT Card (which is like your entry card into the pool), in the same wallet as the one with your JulD to stake.

If you want to stake 10,000 JulD, then you need to have 10,000 of “The Protector” NFTs in the same wallet. Once you deposit the 10,000 JulD, then the 10,000 “The Protector” NFTs will be burned.

The Protector NFT:

OPENING DATE & Time — 04th July 2021–6 AM UTC

How to stake:

  1. Click
  2. Connect your Wallet with JulSwap — if you want to see your NFTs in your wallet you can use the JulWallet App or the JulWallet Extension
  3. Select special in the Menu

4. Select the following Pool

5. Approve the Transaction and Deposit your JulD, but be sure you follow the Staking credentials below

Staking Credentials:

1. For each JulD that you want to stake you need to use 1 NFT Card for entry, which will be burned.

2. Staked Tokens will be locked for 1 year

3. Claim live rewards 4 times a year (3 times during the year and 1 time at the end of the time)

4. You can always add some new JulD into your staking pool if you have NFTs available but the yearly timer will not start again so the best option to get the most rewards is to stake all in the first staking process

No NFT Cards = No Possibility to use the High APR Pool for single side staking.