The JulSwap NFT Staking Pools and Special Staking Pools!

3 min readMar 31, 2021

Today we are proud to present you with the market’s first NFT Staking Pools where you will be receiving NFT’s for staking Crypto and the Special Staking Pools where you need NFTs for withdrawal of your staked crypto and the profits earned.

Whats is a NFT Staking Pool?

A NFT Staking Pool is a Staking Pool where you can normally stake JULb and / or JULd and the staked currency will be locked for a specific timeframe which means you can’t access them till the end of that timeframe. At the end of the lockup time you can withdraw your staked Crypto and you will receive into your wallet address from which you staked, the unique NFT Cards as a reward. All the NFT Cards will be distributed only one time so that the distribution is unique and not more than the distributed number! If you stake more JULb and / or JulD, then you get more NFT Cards. Sometimes we will add and change the minimum / maximum staking amount. To access these staking pools in the future, you need to own and use the NFT Card from the previous NFT Staking Pool; otherwise you wont be able to access the pool.

You can stake JULb / JulD and receive NFT Cards as rewards — Do remember that the previous NFT card is needed to gain access to the pool!

What is a Special Staking Pool?

We give our NFT Cards a usage, which means you can just get the NFT cards by Staking them in the NFT Staking Pool or purchase them on the Market. Now a special Staking Pool offers higher APR or some special currencies as rewards and you can just unstake your staked amount and your staking rewards when you pay for each release with one NFT Card from the previous NFT Staking Pool.

Without the selected NFT card for this Special Staking Pool, you can stake but you can’t unstake or in other words you can’t claim your rewards and your stked amount from the Special Staking Pool.


Today we are setting up a NFT Staking Pool where you can stake JulD and / or JULb and after 4 weeks lockup time you receive one or more special BNB NFT Cards. After four weeks, we open the BNB Special Staking Pool and there you can stake JulD and receive BNB as Rewards; but to unstake your JulD and to claim your rewards, you need the BNB NFT Card. Whenever you unstake or claim your rewards, you need to spend one BNB NFT Card.

At the end of this Special Staking Pools, we setup the next NFT Staking Pool where you can stake JULb and / or JulD but this time you need to spend one NFT Card (from the previous NFT staking Pool which in our case is the BNB NFT Card) to access the NFT Staking Pool and the same process described above starts over again.

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You as a user, can access the NFT Cards with our JulWallet which is available for iOS and Android:

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