Liquidity Farming — Update & Loss Refund Policy

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Dear Community,

Let me start off by thanking you for your unwavering support.

We made the Liquidity Farming Setup based on the idea to provide all our members with an easier option to earn (loss is always possible); but unfortunately the market didn’t act in the correct direction in the start which resulted in losses for some liquidity providers. It was not a technical issue and we described all the risks very well, but unfortunately these things happen. A big sorry from my end for it and we will improve our technology for the Farming to reduce the loss risk in the future!

We’d like to have a lucky community. But I know 100% lucky people will never be possible. So we aim for as good as possible and that’s why we will stop the farming and we will give our old farmers back as much as possible from their losses.

We can’t give it all back to you at once and maybe a partial loss took place. But we will refill the pools step by step with our possible resources so you can claim it! We will make today the first deposit for it.

Based on our decision to close the existing liquidity pools, the new total supply from JUL will now be around 500,000 JUL because the other tokens are locked forever in the liquidity protocols.

I’d also like to take this moment to remind you that instead of Liquidity Farming, we’ve built an option to Stake JULb and LP tokens without any quantity loss! What this means is that the value of your deposited tokens might change in the market; but if you deposit 10 tokens, you always get back 10 tokens. You also get the rewards if you are due any.

I hope this helps to some extent and sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards



(DO NOT DEPOSIT) Farming Pools:

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