JustLiquidity, the Uniswap Liquidity Pool Upgrade

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An upgrade to Uniswap, JustLiquidity goes a step further in offering better returns and flexible features for liquidity providers and token sellers using Ethereum. The big benefit for liquidity providers on JustLiquidity is that they receive 0.2% (not compounded) returns daily on their investment (compared to Uniswap’s method of distributing 0.3% of all trades among all users).

Problems generate innovation, like JustLiquidity which offers a great facility to crypto investors and traders: Whenever the user deposits their ETH, the platform adds an equal value of project tokens into the Uniswap liquidity pool. Users can withdraw their ETH anytime, and the project tokens too get withdrawn. This helps in increasing liquidity.

With JustLiquidity, users receive 100% of their ETH and earn double the interest. Users only need to connect their MetaMask wallet to JustLiquidity, select their trading pair and deposit ETH. They can remove their liquidity any time, and daily returns are up to 0.2 percent. More liquidity results in: more trades, more liquidity fee, and higher project token value.

The JustLiquidity pre-sale shows the interest that people have in DeFi and liquidity protocols. Just when the hype around DeFi was beginning to deflate a little, JustLiquidity went ahead with its token sale scheduled for seven days starting September 4. The results are a big surprise — the community has revealed its trust in the liquidity protocol and DeFi platforms, and grabbed all the available JUL tokens in just under seven hours!

We are really thrilled to see the tremendous response to our JustLiquidity Protocol. It shows the strength of the concept which is decentralized, offers better returns and allows greater flexibility to users and token sellers alike,” said Tobias Graf, CEO, KYC.crypto and JustLiquidity.

JustLiquidity takes care of several eventualities too, and ensures a 0.2% return. If the liquidity fee is not sufficient, trading pair tokens are automatically sold off to maintain the payouts. The tokens of the team and company are also released in a decentralized way based on ETH liquidity infused by users so as to protect from reduction in liquidity.

JustLiquidity Channels:

Web: https://justliquidity.org

Presentation: https://docdro.id/DyOuQZr

Telegram: https://t.me/justliquidity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustLiquidity

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