Introducing JustLiquidity DeFi: Your Source of Daily Returns on Uniswap!

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What is JustLiquidity?

  • More liquidity, more tokens, better price
  • Predictable ROI and daily returns

JustLiuidity is a Liquidity Protocol which gets integrated with the Uniswap Exchange and rewards liquidity providers with ETH as well JUL token holders with their unique finance and liquidity engine.

JUL has an elastic supply structure which increases when more liquidity is added, and decreases when liquidity is removed from the Protocol. In this structure, you can just buy JUL on Uniswap and it will gradually appreciate the price of JUL to our “target price”. JustLiquidity users and JUL token holders can expect a very steady and predictable ROI (return on investment) with this brilliant ecosystem.

JUL’s Token Economics:

The JustLiquidity Protocol is a new kind of DeFi which has been built to provide the JUL token, and later on other tokens as well, continuously with liquidity, which means the more liquidity you provide, the more tokens get released. The only aim of the JustLiquidity Protocol is to provide token holders with liquidity, reward liquidity providers, and increase the JUL token price gradually.

Liquidity Providers:

  • Earn 0.2% interest per day for your ETH liquidity
  • Deposit ONLY the ETH, and not ETH & the token
  • Decentralized liquidity token sale
  • Add and remove your liquidity any time!
  • Daily interest payouts

Advantages of Decentralized Liquidity Token Sale:

Instant Liquidity: Whenever JustLiquidity contract users deposit ETH into the contract, ETH and the Project Tokens get deposited into the Uniswap Liquidity Pool. When users withdraw ETH from the Contract, the project tokens get removed from the Pool. Hence, with this system, a project token will never be available without liquidity.

Token Sale Distribution: When the JustLiquidity contract users add more ETH as liquidity, the contract will automatically release the needed project tokens into the liquidity Pool until the provided project token amount is fully integrated in the Pool. This increases the circulation supply, and also reduces the circulation supply when users remove liquidity.

Token Sale Team Income: The Team or Marketing Token will be released in a decentralized way based on the ETH liquidity provided by JustLiquidity customers to protect the possibility of decrease in liquidity and Token Price.

More Liquidity = More Circulation Supply:

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Lower Liquidity = Lower Circulation Supply:

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JUL Token Distribution:

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Total Supply: 1,000,000 JUL

TokenSale: 50,000 JUL (5%)

Token Sales Price:

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Based on our TokenSale results, we will start with $800,000-$1,000,000 worth of liquidity, which will be released immediately after the launch 30,000- 50,000 JUL Tokens as a buy option on Uniswap backed with liquidity! The rest of the TokenSale income will be used for Audits and up front marketing like top crypto YouTubers and influencers as well as advertising via CMC banners and the Smart Contract Audits from two third party companies!

Marketing (10%) & Team (5%) Tokens Release:

With the increase from the Locked Liquidity in our JustLiquidity DeFi, we will step by step release the Team and Marketing Tokens to protect the JUL Price!

No JUL Token Release without Liquidity!

  • 6,000 ETH JustLiquidity Locked Value — 1.5% Team & 2.5% Marketing Token release
  • 15,000 ETH JustLiquidity Locked Value — 1.5% Team & 2.5% Marketing Token release
  • 30,000 ETH JustLiquidity Locked Value — 1.0% Team & 2.5% Marketing Token release
  • 45,000 ETH JustLiquidity Locked Value — 1.0% Team & 2.5% Marketing Token release

ETH Trading Pair (45%):

Until now there is just the possibility to trade the Pair ETH/ JUL on Uniswap. But should there be, in the future, any other trading pairs available, like USDT/JUL, then we will set up an official voting for our JUL holders to decide if we should add more trading pairs.

Future Trading Pairs (20%):

To give us the opportunity to add more trading pairs later, 20% of the total supply will remain in our Liquidity Contract until the JUL token holders have voted for a new existing trading pair. The new trading pair will always get created with the actual price ratio from JUL to avoid price and liquidity changes.

Liquidity Reserve (15%):

Should we reach the fully available ETH Trading Pair total supply, then we will conclude a voting process whether this 15% will be available to our community or not! If not, then these tokens will remain in the Liquidity Contract as reserve for the interest payout to our Liquidity Providers!

Token Release Voting:

JUL token owners can vote for 15% reserve tokens to be released into the Liquidity Contract. Here is how the voting process works:

  1. Voting is enabled when only 4.5% tokens from the total supply are left in the JustLiquidity Contract
  2. After the first vote by a user, the voting will happen for the next 7 days.
  3. Own 1 token = 1 voting weight
  4. When 70% or above vote ‘Yes’, the tokens will be released into the ETH/JUL Liquidity Contract

Voting process for 20% Future Trading pairs

Voting is enabled when only 4.5% JUL tokens are left. After the first person has voted, the voting continues for the next 7 days. Every token gives one voting weight to the owner. Tokens are released and new trading Pair will be created when 70% or above have voted ‘Yes’.


JustLiquidity Farming BNB DeFi Main-Net Launch: latest on the 14th October, 2020


Tobias brings over 10 years of CEO experience, successfully leading a number of companies within the financial and programming services sector. He has steered and developed many of his own companies with renowned success and is also highly-adept at project planning on salesforce, a skill that will be harnessed to benefit the team and the JUL and MIMA business overall. His strength of experience and depth of industry knowledge gives him the professional skills and experience to successfully manage this sophisticated technology project. As the leader of the business, his skills cross over technology, marketing, and lean operational effectiveness. The companies aforementioned are: Wirtschaftskanzlei Mittelschwaben GmbH (Insurance Broker), TGG Holding GmbH (Holding Company) and the project KYC.Crypto (Decentralized KYC Sharing Portal).


Rohit Changediya (CTO)

A well-qualified, full stack developer familiar with a wide range of programming utilities and languages. Knowledgeable of back-end and frontend development requirements. Able to handle any part of the process with ease. Collaborative team player with excellent technical abilities, offering 6+ years of related experience.


James Smith (CSO)

Exceptionally analytic individual with vast experience in determining possible network vulnerabilities and crafting custom exploits. Adept at running tests aimed at deciphering system weaknesses and providing suggestions to overcome them. Deep insight into conducting formal tests on web-based applications and networks by employing creative and analytical type attack vectors.


Rahul Trivedi (Fullstack Developer)

Always striving for the latest technologies. Node stack enthusiast. Able to work front to back with knowledge of sql-nosql databases. Handling Linux servers with ease. Familiar with Node, PHP and Python stacks. Always learning new technologies.


Rahul Buddhdev (Blockchain Developer Tron & Ethereum)

Experienced full stack developer as well as dApp developer, having knowledge of latest blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Tron and Hyperledger. Able to work with complex tasks and ideas. A programming ninja and a quick learner.


Abdul Wahid Memon (Ph.D., Blockchain Specialist)

Professor, Dr. of Computer Science with main expertise in segment Blockchain and Cryptography!


JustLiquidity is a Product from KYC.Crypto!




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