JustLiquidity collaborates with Hacken to tighten our security!

JustLiquidity collaborates with Hacken to tighten our security!

DeFi projects have reportedly seen a 1000% growth in the last year. But, every day more and more DeFi’s fail because of smart contract bugs which result in thefts by hackers or losses of crypto currencies. There have been several instances where hackers have been able to rob off millions of dollars worth cryptocurrencies with various protocols. While all entrepreneurs and companies are aware of it, not everyone of them gives it critical importance.

JustLiquidity’s number one priority is Security. We have our own internal cyber security setup which is designed and controlled by our CSO James, who is one of the Top 30 White Hat hackers from Canada. In addition to this, we decided to collaborate with Hacken.io, one of the most experienced cybersecurity consulting companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to conduct our JustLiquidity Protocol Audit. Even with a great CSO, we wanted to do everything in our power to give you a safe and secure DeFi experience and hence we cooperated with Hacken to show us any vulnerabilities that we might have missed.

About Hacken

Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. Hacken is a part of Hacken Group including such companies as CER.live, HackenAI, and HackenProof. CER.live is the unique cybersecurity data provider for CoinGecko Trust Score.

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