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NFTs continue to gain popularity around the world for its ability to disrupt conventionally popular centralized form of asset notion, it becomes very important as an investor to gain the right footing at this time. This is why JustLiquidity, keeping in mind the rising investor interests, have chosen to conduct its last and final IDO on JulSwap for AFEN; the first ever government endorsed NFT project that seeks to redefine blockchain related collaboration and opportunities!

While a lot of people reading this article might be wondering about the “Last IDO”, its definitely not the end of the world at JustLiquidity. Why?! The answer is simple, things are set to get more exciting at JustLiquidity with the upcoming JulPad launch. But for now, to keep our horses on the right path let’s discuss this last IDO at JustLiquidity! Here is everything you need to know about this final IDO on April 20th!!

IDO Price: 0.011$ for one AFEN

IDO starting time: 20th April 10 am UTC

Sale ends after the project tokens(AFEN) are sold out or 48 hours after the starting time, whichever earlier.

You need to hold 1,000 JulD or 2 JULb in your Wallet to participate in the IDO

Claimed tokens are available on the 22th April at 11 am UTC.

Only BNB is accepted for purchase.

Total selling amount comes to 42.5 million AFEN.

Minimum buying amount is 0.5 BNB. while the maximum buying amount is 50 BNB per Wallet Address.

AFEN Token Contract Address: DO NOT SEND FUNDS TO THIS ADDRESS 0xd0840d5f67206f865aee7cce075bd4484cd3cc81


This article tries it’s best to convey all the necessary information but if you have any further questions, clear them without any further ado at:




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