JulSwap Community Token JulD “Airdrop”

Hi JUL Community,

We are always thinking about the Future at JustLiquidity and JulSwap! For the Upcoming New JulSwap DEX UI release, we’d like to create a something new and unique on the market and the core question remains — How to reach mass adoption to get more users into our JulSwap DEX and to create more Demand and higher Fees for Buybacks and Marketing?

We’ve planned to setup an additional Token (mass adoption Token), called “JulD” which is a Token related to the JulSwap DEX and available for Mass adoption from JulSwap which increases the demand for JUL / JULb and increases the fee which we can use for marketing and buybacks from JULb.

How do you get JulD?

We honor our already existing JUL / JULb holders as we taked the first snapshot today which will give already existing JUL / JULb holders a Ratio of 1:1,500. So if you hold 1 JUL / JULb you get 1,500 JulD (Ratio 1:1500)

2. When you trade on JulSwap, for each trade you will earnJulD which increases our Trading Volume and the Rewards. (Release: Start January 2021)

3. Airdrops, Bounties and Trading Contests

4. We will add Staking Contracts for JULb “BNB — JULb / BUSD — JULb / JulD — JULb / BTCB — JULb” SLP Tokens staking with a very high yield where you can get JulD as rewards.

The Point is, To get bigger amounts of JulD, you need to hold now bigger amounts of JUL / JULb or you need to stake JULb paired SLP Tokens or you need to make a lot of trades and all these options increase the Value of JUL / JULb.


JulD Token:

JulD Minting Validators:

The Validator wallet can be changed when minimum 10 validators confirm the change.

JULb, in the future will have an additional Governance function in JulSwap which means the Token and DEX will be fully community driven and 100% decentralized even in the development!

Get Ready:

We’ll start to issue JulD on the 31st of December 2020!! Mark your Calendars Now!!

[For Staker’s: NOTE — If you stake your JULb right now, your work’s done and you just need to wait for your JulD Tokens as Bonus]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JulSwap