JulPad: a complete guide to (crowd)fund your blockchain startup

3 min readApr 8, 2021

In our journey to redefine DeFi, and draw the mainstream audience to an optimised crypto trading system, we created JustLiquidity. The merits driven by this protocol have been astonishing so far. To continue on the path of success, we are always seeking innovation, and today we will be talking about our latest project: the JulPad launchpad.

Using JulPad, access to investment opportunities was never easier! Investment bankers and venture capitalists have always controlled the market and made it practically impossible for the average joe to invest in the projects he believes in.

Now, let’s suppose that you have a mesmerizing blockchain startup idea, and you don’t want to lose time and effort on conventional financing ways, you can leverage our community’s investment power following these steps:

1) Submit your project with the different details that we will ask of you, such as its name, a thorough description, price per token, roadmap, website, Token Sale Start Date, Token Allocation and other aspects of your project. New: Upload your Private Sale Participants Wallets and Token Allocation!

2)You need to deposit 5 BNB as a fee.

3)After the Token sales start. For the first 30 Minutes, only tier club members can buy tokens based on the max purchase amount.

If some tokens remain after those two hours, then all users can buy. These sales are also controlled by the max amount concept, but with a 10% increase in prices.

If you are a higher Club member, then you can buy more Tokens:

JulPad Club (Tier 1): Max Purchase Amount *1

JulPad Club (Tier 2): Max Purchase Amount *2

JulPad Club (Tier3): Max Purchase Amount *3

JulPad Club (Tier4): Max Purchase Amount *4

4)There are two possible token sale end scenarios: either your tokens sell out, or don’t. In both cases, the trading pair token/BNB will be created on JulSwap based on your settings. The trading pair gets on the liquidity add Timestamp.

How is the total supply calculated?

Sample: The Project mentions in the token sale that they want to use 10,000 tokens, which is 10% of the total supply, for token sale, 40% for Marketing (including Team, Exchanges and other) & 50% for the Liquidity.

If the token sale is a 100% sold out, then the total supply will be 100,000 tokens.

10% Token Sales = 10,000 Tokens
40% Marketing = 40,000 Tokens
50% Liquidity = 50,000 Tokens

However, if the token sale is only 50% sold out, then the total supply will be 50,000 tokens. This is because the percentages are measured on the token sale result.

5)Tokens can be claimed by the buyers (public and privatre) directly after creating the trading pair.

6)48 hours after the Liquidity Pair is generated on julpad, 10% of the raised amount gets back to tier club members in JULd. Start Claiming after 48 hours. (buy back JULd with BNB).

Here’s how tier club members are decided, and the amount of JULb each club will have:

JulPad Club (Tier 1): 10,000 JulD — — 10%
JulPad Club (Tier 2): 25,000 JulD — — 25%
JulPad Club (Tier 3): 100,000 JulD — — 30%
JulPad Club (Tier 4): 1,000,000 JulD — 35%

If you are wondering how can users join a given club, here’s the answer: locking JULb. The more a user holds JULd, the higher their rank. But if a user unlocks his assets earlier than expected, then, a penalty fee must be paid:

less than 10 Days — 30%

less than 20 Days — 25%

less than 30 Days — 20%

less than 60 Days — 10%

less than 90 Days — 5%

after 90 Days — 0%

Eventually, we believe that DeFi is no longer a far-away dream, people are fed up with the current finance system, and we, as a community, can change this whole situation. So, if you have a project idea that may change the blockchain world, and you want to take advantage of a 100% decentralized, community-driven protocol, don’t be shy, submit it on JulPad, and unlock your full potential!

Web: https://justliquidity.org

Telegram: https://t.me/justliquidity