JulD & JULb : unique tokens for an optimized DeFi future

3 min readApr 8, 2021


It’s undeniable that we have been on the right track to reimagine DeFi. Our many projects: such as JustLiquidity, JulSwap, and the tokens that govern these platforms, have seen wide success in the crypto community and mass adoption. JUL (JULb) and JulD are our tokens, and they have different use-cases. In the future, there won’t be any mixed use-cases, each token will be unique in its ways, and if new needs arise, then we will replace the old use-cases with new ones, to maintain order and harmony. We wrote this article to clear any misconceptions to newcomers and even users within the community.

We would like to introduce a new concept that enhances the utility of holding JUL (JULb). JulPad is our new launchpad, using JulPad, access to investment opportunities was never easier!

If you have a promising project, then you can leverage the investment power of the JUL community. Your project will be visible on our launchpad for a few days, and the club members will have governance over the JulPad project. Each JUL (JULb) represents one vote, members of our community will be the ones voting for or against a certain project. 10% of the total amount raised on JulPad is distributed to the JustLiquidity club members.

This is the Club distribution:

  • JulPad Club 1: 25 JUL (JULb ) — 10%
  • JulPad Club 2: 100 JUL (JULb ) — 25%
  • JulPad Club 3: 500 JUL (JULb )— 30%
  • JulPad Club 4: TOP 20 JUL (JULb ) Holders — 35%

JulD, on the other hand, has other use cases. Besides providing governance over the JulSwap protocol, staking JulD offers many recompenses: you can get $OBR ($OBRB) Cards, receive external Project Tokens, order your Physical and your Virtual Debit Card, or simply stake JulD in special pools for a chance to win higher rewards. With JulD, you can even shop on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart’s shopping.io.

We also have some outstanding projects in construction for JulD, users will be able to Stake JulD and get JulSwap Fee Participation, pay the JulSwap fees in JulD and save some money, and travel with JulD on travala.com.

In conclusion, we believe that together, we will reach the democratization that we all seek in blockchain technologies. JulD and JULb will become key players in the crypto space. Both tokens have immense potential, so buy JulD and JULb, and hold on tightly. Together to the moon!

Telegram: https://t.me/justliquidity

Web: https://justliquidity.org