Juld Circulation Supply

Dear Community,

Owing to the irritation that arose from the Circulation Supply Update, we have now decided to remove unclaimed airdrops from the circulation supply.

How do we calculate the Circulation Supply?

Total Supply: 799,383,875.35004 JulD



Airdrop Contract:


Airdrop Contract:


Airdrop Contract:


Airdrop Contract:


Team — Marketing — Staking — Exchange — Development


Team — Marketing — Staking — Exchange — Development

= Circulation Supply = Today 02th April 2021 — 368,073,056 JulD

Whenever some Tokens from the Wallets mentioned above are released or claimed, then the circulation supply increases.

In the past, we included the unclaimed airdrop tokens and Staking Contracts into the circulation supply.

To avoid any tension in the future, we have decided to keep it simple!

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards

Tobias Graf CEO

Telegram: https://t.me/justliquidity

Web: https://justliquidity.org



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