JUL Token Sale Guidelines

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JUL Token Sale Countdown Page:

Dear JustLiquidity Community,

We are thrilled to announce that we will hold our Public Token Sale for the JustLiquidity community at 04:00 pm UTC on September 04, 2020.

Below are the guidelines on how to get your JUL tokens during this token sale.


I. Tokens for sale: 50,000 JUL (5% of total supply)

II. Max & Min sale amount: 1 ETH (min) and 50 ETH (max)

III. The rate for the first 24 hours is 35 JUL per 1 ETH

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At 04:00 pm UTC on September 04th, users can start to deposit their ETH to the following Contract Address in order to get their JUL allocation “USE MIN. 95,000 GAS”:



  1. Starting from 04:00 pm UTC on September 04th , users will be able to deposit ETH into the Token Sale Smart Contract (0x55985d26A0E79BF336DB68CA2e9709A3ecD447b5).
  2. Minimum 1 ETH and Maximum 50 ETH Deposit will be accepted.
  3. Use MetaMask for the ETH deposit. NO Exchange Wallets or a wallet where you are not the owner from the private key. Otherwise you can’t receive your JUL tokens and they will be FOREVER LOST!
  4. Use minimum 95,000 Gas for your ETH transfer to the Token Sale Contract, otherwise the transaction could fail!
  5. After the successful deposit, you will receive your JUL Tokens in the same wallet as you sent the ETH from.
  6. The Token Sale will take place for a maximum 7 Days after the start! In case all the tokens are sold out, the token sale will end!

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