Update 15th June 2021

For Example:

Update 04th June 2021

For Example:

How to Swap (this is the same wallet as mentioned in the medium article below):

  • The Distribution for the people who had deposited their JULb to the above mentioned address starts today and should be done in the upcoming 96 hours
  • The NFT Card Distribution starts today/tomorrow
  • The NFT Support upto 400% Staking will be setup in the upcoming week.

Update 31th of May 2021

Staking Credentials:

Sample Calculation:

The Snapshot includes All JulSwap Staking Pools where JULb is involved and the JUL and JULb Holders!

29th of May 2021

JulD or other Trading Pairs are not affected!

To get this situation into a position where we can build up on a strong decision, we would need your support:

In what Ratio will it be exchanged?



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