Update 15th June 2021

9.082$ for each JULb


For Example:

If you had swapped 1 JULb as mentioned below, then you get/ got 151.36 JulD.

We will do three more swaps in the future and will always calculate the ratio on the same day from the previous days on CMC (MANIPULATIONS WILL BE DELETED), but not higher than the first ratio:

20th of June

27th of June

Update 04th June 2021

Dear Community,

First of all, thanks for your patience but such a support needs to be calculated and executed well to open the doors for the future. We have now calculated the Numbers of NFT Cards for the 400% pool and the ratio of the past 5 days for the Swap option from JUL/JULb to JulD.

Average Ratio for the past 5 days on CMC:

9.082$ for each JULb (if you use the 400% pool 100%, then your ratio can be up to around 36$ without price increase)

Average price of JulD for the past 5 days on CMC:


*We have used the opening price for the calculation.

For Example:

If you had swapped 1 JULb as mentioned below, then you get/ got 151.36 JulD.

How to Swap (this is the same wallet as mentioned in the medium article below):

Send your JUL/JULb from a Wallet to this wallet Address: 0x001B955a8C1B58CAB9e7f03bAdEFF9Dd00F4fA28, from a Wallet where you own the private key.

IMPORTANT: JUL/JULb can’t be deleted and there is no need to swap the tokens but we now offer the possibility to support the market.

We will do three more swaps in the future and will always calculate the ratio on the same day from the previous days on CMC (MANIPULATIONS WILL BE DELETED), but not higher than the first ratio:

13th of June

20th of June

27th of June

We have now calculated the NFT Ratios as well and for now as a holder you will receive 60 NFTs for each JULb. If you had staked before or you were an LP Token holder, we have also calculated the average amount to get the best possible result.

We have reserved additional NFT cards for the future and it depends on the market; there is a possibility we will keep the opportunity to send the the old supporters additional cards as well. This is no guarantee! We just wanted to let you know we have kept this possibility open.

  • The Distribution for the people who had deposited their JULb to the above mentioned address starts today and should be done in the upcoming 96 hours
  • The NFT Card Distribution starts today/tomorrow
  • The NFT Support upto 400% Staking will be setup in the upcoming week.

More information below!

Update 31th of May 2021

A Quick Update for our Users!

Hi Community,

First off, thanks for your patience. It is not easy to find the right direction and solution for everyone right away, but we’re now in negotioations with a lot of community members. And our team wants to present you our future concept to honor any & all who want to swap.

We have now made our first calculations and our strategy is the following to honor our holders — Before the swap announcement was made and to find a correct conversion for the people who want to swap from JUL/ JULb to JulD.

The Support NFT Pool is coming!

With an up to 400% APR for JulD Stakers!

At first — JULb holders who hold JUL/ JULb in the moment (around 2 hours before we took the snapshot) before we made the announcement, will get the opporunity to earn in an high APR Contract up to 400% more JulD due to staking / locking JulD. We took a Snapshot before and this snapshot will be used to verify it. This option will not be available to people who bought later and sold earlier.

1. To avoid giving people the advantage who bought JUL / JULb after our announcement who speculated on the ratio profit we will use the ratio like we wrote based on the 5 days average price from CMC at 2 pm UTC. In this case all will be in the same position.

2. To honor the holders before the announcement we will send you for every JULb which was in your wallet at the snapshot time between 100 and 300 NFT Cards (number will be evaluated). These NFT Cards you can use as entry card to stake / lock your JulD which you got in the swap.

High APR means up to 400% guaranteed rewards per year in JulD! Stake as much JulD as NFT Cards you own.

With this solution we hope to bring the value back!

Staking Credentials:

1. For each JulD which you want to stake you need to use 1 NFT Card as entry which will be burned

2. Staked Tokens locked for 1 year

3. Claim live rewards 4 times a year (3 times during the year and 1 time at the end of the time)

4. You can always add some new JulD into your staking pool if you have NFTs available but the yearly timer will not start again so the best option to get the most rewards is to take all in the first staking process

If you do not want to stake you can offer to sell your NFT Cards and we are sure there is enough interest to get access to an up to 400% APR Pool for JulD if you want to put your NFT cards for sale.

No NFT Cards = No Possibility to use the High APR Pool for single side staking.

Also, if you are a JulPad JULb staker, you can withdraw and swap if you want and the penalty fee will be sent to you in the upcoming few weeks; Or you keep it there and our dev will repleace it in the upcoming few weeks.

How to Swap (this is the same wallet as in the medium article mentioned below):

Send your JUL / JULb from a Wallet to this wallet Address: 0x001B955a8C1B58CAB9e7f03bAdEFF9Dd00F4fA28 , from a Wallet where you own the private key.

If you send your Tokens to the wallet above you will get your JulD and the NFT Cards in the upcoming 6 Days!

Sample Calculation:

Lets say the average price on CMC was 10$ then with the price right now for 1 JULb you get 166 JulD.

If you stake your 166 JulD in one step with 400% then your ratio is already in long term at 40$ because of 400% APR!

Depending on how much NFT Cards you will get you can even buy more JulD and stake them as well with a up to 400% Profit in JulD.

The Flash Loan Investigations are still ongoing.

More details are coming soon!

The Snapshot includes All JulSwap Staking Pools where JULb is involved and the JUL and JULb Holders!

— — —

29th of May 2021

JulD or other Trading Pairs are not affected!

Hello Community,

Due to the old remaining farming pools from JULb and the ongoing flash loan attacks, we have now decided to stop the trading of JUL and JULb pairs on all exchanges.

To avoid this opportunity to Flash Loan users, we have very well decided to migrate all JUL/JULb into JulD so that we can continue with one Token without older existing farming protocols which have opened the door for the flash loan users.

To get this situation into a position where we can build up on a strong decision, we would need your support:

If you have stored your JULb/JUL on any centralized Exchange, you can just relax now and wait while we replace the tokens for you.

If you stored JUL/JULb in your private wallet, outside the centralized Exchange, we would need your help:

1. If you had provided liquidity with JUL/JULb on JulSwap or any other DEX/AMM, please remove the liquidity.

2. Send your JULb from a Wallet to this wallet Address: 0x001B955a8C1B58CAB9e7f03bAdEFF9Dd00F4fA28 , from a Wallet where you own the private key.

If you are a JulPad user, remove your tokens and deposit them into the address above. All withdrawals after this post will get the penalty fee refunded in the upcoming weeks.



In what Ratio will it be exchanged?

You will get the equivalent $ amount in JulD with a price which is calculated as the average price from the upcoming 5 days on Coinmarketcap at 2 pm UTC. For now, the Price will not be higher than 15$ per JULb. If there is a potential agreement based on community decisions, we will increase the number to support you as a member our community; but as of now, there is no guarantee to increase the number.

In JulSwap v2, we have integrated new technologies to avoid a big part of such flash loans; and yesterday we confirmed a partnership with a big company to add an additional layer of security.

We will do some buybacks and everything that’s possible from our end to support the value and to take it back to the old levels.

Thanks for understanding, we will keep you up to date.




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