Update 15th June 2021

9.082$ for each JULb

For Example:

If you had swapped 1 JULb as mentioned below, then you get/ got 151.36 JulD.

Update 04th June 2021

Dear Community,

For Example:

If you had swapped 1 JULb as mentioned below, then you get/ got 151.36 JulD.

How to Swap (this is the same wallet as mentioned in the medium article below):

Send your JUL/JULb from a Wallet to this wallet Address: 0x001B955a8C1B58CAB9e7f03bAdEFF9Dd00F4fA28, from a Wallet where you own the private key.

  • The NFT Card Distribution starts today/tomorrow
  • The NFT Support upto 400% Staking will be setup in the upcoming week.

Update 31th of May 2021

A Quick Update for our Users!

Staking Credentials:

1. For each JulD which you want to stake you need to use 1 NFT Card as entry which will be burned

Sample Calculation:

Lets say the average price on CMC was 10$ then with the price right now for 1 JULb you get 166 JulD.

The Snapshot includes All JulSwap Staking Pools where JULb is involved and the JUL and JULb Holders!

— — —

29th of May 2021

JulD or other Trading Pairs are not affected!

Hello Community,

To get this situation into a position where we can build up on a strong decision, we would need your support:

If you have stored your JULb/JUL on any centralized Exchange, you can just relax now and wait while we replace the tokens for you.

In what Ratio will it be exchanged?

You will get the equivalent $ amount in JulD with a price which is calculated as the average price from the upcoming 5 days on Coinmarketcap at 2 pm UTC. For now, the Price will not be higher than 15$ per JULb. If there is a potential agreement based on community decisions, we will increase the number to support you as a member our community; but as of now, there is no guarantee to increase the number.