How to Add & Remove Liquidity to / from JulSwap Liquidity Pool

Before adding a liquidity pool, below are steps to follow. More so, there are basic requirements, for instance; MetaMask or other Web3 wallets and tokens. Concurrently, you can find the steps herein;

  1. All you have to do is log on to the site of JulSwap ( When done, click on “Add Liquidity”.

2. You can then select your Liquidity Pair Tokens. JulSwap will show you the balance found on your connected wallets (BNB and other BEP-20 tokens). You will also see the exchange rate and the share of the liquidity pool.

4. After you enter the BNB value, JulSwap will autofill the correct amount of the other assets depending on the current exchange rate.

5. Now you click the blue “Supply” button. For those of you using the MetaMask wallet, you can adjust the gas and then click “confirm.” The attached image shows the number of SLP tokens.

6. Once the transaction has been confirmed on the Binance Smart Chain, you are done with your task. You will see your updated BNB balances and your share of the trading pair’s total liquidity pool.



How to remove liquidity on JulSwap liquidity pool

Before you can remove liquidity on JulSwap, click on “pool” then the pair that you provided liquidity too

  1. Click ‘Remove’ on the DEX interface
  2. Select the amount of liquidity to remove that you wish to withdraw from the JulSwap Liquidity pools
  3. Confirm the removal
  4. Confirm the transaction
  5. Proceed with final confirmation



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