Flash Loan Farming / JULb / BNB

On May-27–2021, at 10:36:51 PM +UTC we experienced a bigger price drop than usual, which was generated due to a flash loan on the JULb/BNB Pair.

As a first step of confirmation, there was no hack or any exploitation. Someone used our old farming protocols with locked JULb and dumped the price on the market to gather JULb for a cheap price and at the same moment he sold it to cash out.

The result was, the circulation supply increased from the farming protocols and the market dumped for the moment.

Now we have around 1Million $ more Liquidity in the JULb/BNB Pool which is locked forever.

Thanks for your patience and trust. We strive towards offering as much support as possible and to get back on track as before.

What is a flashloan?


Flash Loan Hash:

Telegram: https://t.me/justliquidity

Web: justliqidity.org



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