The Last IDO on JulSwap?

NFTs continue to gain popularity around the world for its ability to disrupt conventionally popular centralized form of asset notion, it becomes very important as an investor to gain the right footing at this time. This is why JustLiquidity, keeping in mind the rising investor interests, have chosen to conduct its last and final IDO on JulSwap for AFEN; the first ever government endorsed NFT project that seeks to redefine blockchain related collaboration and opportunities!

About the IDO:

While a lot of people reading this article might be wondering about the “Last IDO”, its definitely not the end of the world at JustLiquidity…

In our journey to redefine DeFi, and draw the mainstream audience to an optimized crypto trading system, we created JustLiquidity. The merits driven by this protocol have been astonishing so far. To continue on the path of success, we are always seeking innovation, and today we will be talking about our latest project: the JulPad launchpad.

Using JulPad, access to investment opportunities was never easier! Investment bankers and venture capitalists have always controlled the market and made it practically impossible for the average joe to invest in the projects he believes in.

Now, let’s suppose that you have a mesmerizing…

It’s undeniable that we have been on the right track to reimagine DeFi. Our many projects: such as JustLiquidity, JulSwap, and the tokens that govern these platforms, have seen wide success in the crypto community and mass adoption. JUL (JULb) and JulD are our tokens, and they have different use-cases. In the future, there won’t be any mixed use-cases, each token will be unique in its ways, and if new needs arise, then we will replace the old use-cases with new ones, to maintain order and harmony. …

🔹What is Blackhole?

Blackhole is a fully Decentralized protocol for private transactions on the #BinanceSmartChain.

🔹Why is this important?

Transactions are tracked on the Binance Smart Chain ledger. Blackhole provides a way to allow you to use the same wallet address while ensuring your privacy is intact allowing your address not to be found to appear to be yours just by sending and receiving crypto by the same address.

🔹How do you use it?

  1. First, visit Blackhole by visiting

Dear Community,

Owing to the irritation that arose from the Circulation Supply Update, we have now decided to remove unclaimed airdrops from the circulation supply.

How do we calculate the Circulation Supply?

Total Supply: 799,383,875.35004 JulD



Airdrop Contract:


Airdrop Contract:


Airdrop Contract:


Airdrop Contract:


Team — Marketing — Staking — Exchange — Development


Team — Marketing — Staking — Exchange — Development

= Circulation Supply = Today 02th April 2021 — 368,073,056 JulD

Whenever some Tokens from the Wallets mentioned above are released or claimed, then the circulation supply increases.

In the past, we included the unclaimed airdrop tokens and Staking Contracts into the circulation supply.

To avoid any tension in the future, we have decided to keep it simple!

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards

Tobias Graf CEO



Today we are proud to present you with the market’s first NFT Staking Pools where you will be receiving NFT’s for staking Crypto and the Special Staking Pools where you need NFTs for withdrawal of your staked crypto and the profits earned.

Whats is a NFT Staking Pool?

A NFT Staking Pool is a Staking Pool where you can normally stake JULb and / or JULd and the staked currency will be locked for a specific timeframe which means you can’t access them till the end of that timeframe. At the end of the lockup time you can withdraw your staked Crypto and you will receive…

NFTs or NonFungibleTokens as it stands, are redefining the very outlook of various forms of creative work like art, video, music, characters in a game etc. NFTs by their very definition represents a unique data on the digital ledger or blockchain. Unlike Fungible tokens on the blockchain, these tokens are not interchangeable as they represent something unique in itself. For example, a $30 may be exchanged for five $6 notes and still retain the value. But, the same is not true with a Non Fungible asset such as NFT which could represent any unique work of art like a painting…

Welcome to a short tutorial on how to set up and use the JulWallet Ext for you to trade on JulWallet Ext via JulSwap.

Download JulWallet ➡️ App Store IOS | Google

1st) Download the JulWallet Ext via this link on the Google browser.

2nd) Click [Import Wallet] if you have it downloaded on your mobile phone. Otherwise, click [Create Wallet]. For this example, we are going to select create a wallet.

You want to deposit your favorite cryptocurrency into JulWallet but don't see it listed. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to be able to add your token to JulWalletApp.

  1. First, you will need to download the JulWallet from the IOS AppStore. If you have android it's on the way soon.

2. Visit BSCscan and search for your token on the field.

💎 How do you get the JUL/ JULD x CHUM Airdrop?

You will need to be included in a random snapshot in the upcoming 10 days.


💎What do you need to do?

Hold or stake JUL (JULb) & JulD (including JUL & JulD paired SLP Tokens: JULB/JULD, JULB, JULB/BNB, JULB/BUSD, JULB/BTCB, JULD/BNB
JULB/ETHB, JULD, JULD/BUSD, SBS/JULB ) on the snapshot day, you will receive CHUM Tokens. However, it needs to be in a wallet where you own the private key.


💎What’s the ratio per CHUM finance?

Ratio: 1 JULb = 10.5 $CHUM — 1 JulD = 0.0175 $CHUM


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