💎 How do you get the JUL/ JULD x CHUM Airdrop?

You will need to be included in a random snapshot in the upcoming 10 days.


💎What do you need to do?

Hold or stake JUL (JULb) & JulD (including JUL & JulD paired SLP Tokens: JULB/JULD, JULB, JULB/BNB, JULB/BUSD, JULB/BTCB, JULD/BNB
JULB/ETHB, JULD, JULD/BUSD, SBS/JULB ) on the snapshot day, you will receive CHUM Tokens. However, it needs to be in a wallet where you own the private key.


💎What’s the ratio per CHUM finance?

Ratio: 1 JULb = 10.5 $CHUM — 1 JulD = 0.0175 $CHUM


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